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This is all of my artwork!



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Okay. Basically, I want your guys' opinion, should I quit DeviantArt?
I haven't been on for a long time, and I'm randomly remembering this account randomly. I just don't know what to do.
Please help!


Name: Will
Birth date: October 21
Age: 13
Country of origin: United States (born from Michigan)
Town Born in: Oakland
Religion: Aethiest
Height: 5'8"
Eye color: Green
Hair color and style: Short and parted to the right/greased back.
Skin Tone: Peach

Tattoos: None.

Eye-sight: Far-sighted (can't see things far away).
Names/screen-names you go by: Tiger, Tigerfire, Harry Potter
Explain your username: OC
Explain your icon: OC


How would you describe your personality?: Nice, funny, competitive, EXTREMELY NERDY.
How would other people describe you: My gf is the only one to tell me how she describes me. (I think it's a little too lovey dovey to explain, nothing dirty though.) My best friends and I just keep it to ourselves.

Are you Afraid of anything/have any phobias? Yeah. (Death)

What's your favourite physical feature about yourself? My hair. XD

What's your most hated physical feature about yourself? Idk

Do you have any physical disabilities/ailments? Scoliosis

Do you have any SPECIAL/FREAKY Abilities?: I can do the wave with my eyebrows.
I can dislocate my 2nd toe at any time.
I can hear a song, and learn it by ear on the piano.

Do you have any allergies? Yes. (TO CATS) D:

Are you the first, middle, last, or only child? And who are your siblings? I'm the first kid. I have 2 siblings: Chip and Hope.

Do you WANT to have children? If so how many? Yeah. Probably 3, or 4.
What was your dream job when you were a kid? An astronomer or an astronaut.

What is your dream job now? Computer engineer

What are your current responsibilities? Take the garbage out every Sunday.
Practice trumpet


What item of food would you eat the most of? PRIZZA!!! (Kudos to you if you get this reference)

What is your favourite flavour ever? Blue raspberry

Do you like Meat? HELL YEAH

What do you usually eat for Breakfast? A bagel sandwich consisting of eggs, ham, and cheese.

What is your favourite dinner meal? Calamari (Squid) or Pizza

What cuisines do you like best? Dafuq?

What foods do you HATE? Mostly vegetables,

What food can you not resist? Calamari and pizza

What would be your last meal? I'd yell: EAT ALL THE FOODINZIES! And eat everything.

Do you like any 'freaky' food combinations? There's this Japanese candy that I used to eat, it had Sour Blueberry, Coco-Cola, and a gummy center.


What is your general fashion style? Usually a red shirt and blue shorts.

What item of clothing do you wear the most? Shorts.

Pants or skirts/dresses? PANTS. BY FAR.

How much of your skin do you like to show/cover up? Usually I don't care.

What items of jewelery do you wear most? Do glasses count?

What item can you NOT leave your house without? My phone.

Hair up or Hair down? I don't care anymore.

More about me!

What time do you usually wake up?
Schooldays: Either 2:10 or 6:00 Weekends: Mostly around 10:00/11:00

What time do you usually go to sleep? 10:00 on schooldays, 4:00 AM  on weekends.

How often do you bathe/shower? Every day.

Do you exercise regularly? Kind of.

How often do you go out drinking? 0_0 I'm 13.

What do you do most in your spare time? MINECRAFT!!!!/Xbox 360/hang with my buds./Pokemon/SKYDOESMINECRAFT/Play trumpet.

Name your hobbies: All of the above.

How many pets have you had in your life? 5. 1 cat (Getty, dead Siamese) 3 fish (ABC, Uncle, and Mitten, All dead.) and one dog. (Beau. 4 years old. Shih Tzu)

How many houses have you lived in in your life? 4

What sort of 'vehicle' do you own? Do Hot Wheels cars count? If not then no, if yes then millions. (When I was like 6)

What's your current job? Student?


Favorite Color(s): Neon blue
Favorite Animal: Cats
Favorite Season: Summer.
Favorite Scenery: Sunrise/Sunset
Favorite Plant/flower: Roses
Favorite Sweet/treat: BUDDERFINGER!
Favorite Games: Pokemon RBGYGSCRSEFRLGDPPtHGSSBWB2W2XY, Banjo Kazooie, almost any Mario game, etc. etc. etc.  
Favorite Sport: Football!
favorite Shop: Wal*mart
favorite Band: THE BEATLES!!!!! WOOOO! And every other rock/heavy metal band.
Favorite Cultures: Chinese/Japanese
Favorite Town/City: Los Angeles California.
Style of music: ROCK AND ROLL FOR DA WIN!!
Favorite Songs: Any video game songs listed in favorite games, Any Beatles song.
Favorite Movies: Probably Scott Pilgrim VS the world. Or any of the Pokemon movies.
Favorite TV shows: Family Guy
Favorite Animes: Pokemon (I don't watch any other anime)
Favorite Books: Harry Potter series.
Favorite Ships/Pairings: ?
Favorite place to Holiday/visit: Palm Desert or New York.
Favourite place to relax/feel free: My room.

Opinions on significant other/opposite sex: ???
Height: 5 foot 8.5 inches
Body Type: Ectomorph
Hair color/style: Short, brown.
Style: What is this...?

Last time you

Time you laughed: Today. JonTron is aweesome.
Cried: The day of the Oklahoma tornadoes.
Screamed: Today (WHAT IS THIS?!)
The last person you talked to: My brother Chip (irl) text wise, Cassie (gf)
Person to call you: Skype: Jigar (another friend). Phonewise: Gf (Cassandra)
Person you yelled at: My friend Collin.
Person you told them you loved: Cassandra (gf)
Time you acted childish: Today.
Food you've eaten: Cheeseburger!
Book you've read: The Great Gatsby
Shop you entered: Wal*mart
Thing you regret doing: Falling asleep while on Skype.
Thing you watched on TV: Family Guy
comment you squee-d over: ?
Person you mentally hugged: Cassie
Thing you wrote? Cassie
Thing you drew: Manga pic of me.
Thing you read: Thing you read:

Can you?

Do a handstand: No
Raise one eyebrow and not the other: Yes
Dance: Kind of
Sing: Yes.
Whistle: Yes.
Cook: NO
Speak a different language: Learning Japanese.
Do any magic Tricks: Yeah.
Put together DIY boxed furniture: No
Use Power tools: Yes
Write a Resume: Yes
Rollerblade: Kind of
Skateboard: No
Surf: no
Navigate: NO
Survive in the Wild: Minecraft...?
Survive without your cell phone: NO
Survive without your internet: F**K NO


What are you wearing right now? Green shirt saying how our band played at Disneyland :D and white Aeropostale shorts.

How do you feel right now? Awesome. (gf might come see me!)  

Did you brush your teeth today D:<?
Actually, yes.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hi! My name is Tiger, and I am a HUGE Nintendo fan, Pokemon in general! I make sprites of all kinds, overworld, front, and back sprites. If you want one, then just ask!
1: =Birdseednerd
10: *Eden-Rose
15: ~makennapaige99

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